Corporate Memberships

The Privilee corporate health & benefit programme

How do you motivate and engage your employees?
It is no secret that motivation, commitment and job satisfaction among employees are essential to achieving the business results you are after. By looking after your employees, you are thus looking after your business.

Therefore, making the health and well-being of your workforce a priority makes good business sense. Implementing an attractive benefits package offers one obvious way of doing so, and the Privilee Corporate Health & Benefit Programme could very well be your key to maintaining a happy, healthy and motivated workforce.

Member benefits

An exclusive members' club, Privilee offers the ultimate leisure membership, catering to those looking to live the good life, to those looking for that little extra. Member benefits include exclusive access to beach clubs and luxury resorts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and their private beaches, lush pools, luxe spa and fitness facilities, kids' clubs and tennis courts, along with generous deals and discounts at more 100 popular restaurants and bars.

Company Benefits

A comprehensive corporate wellness programme can deliver a significant return on investment. Tangible benefits that will help drive your business include:

  • Attraction and retention of talent

    Differentiate your business. The pool of talent might be big, but so is the sea of employers. An advanced employee benefit programme could be the factor tipping the scales, helping you to become and remain the employer of choice.

  • Increased productivity

    Make your employees feel appreciated and like the valuable asset that they truly are. Investing in your employees will give them an incentive to invest even more of their time and energy in achieving personal and collective goals.

  • A positive working climate

    Create an environment defined by a sense of community, commitment and confidence. Content and passionate employees are the best company and brand ambassadors you could ever wish for.

Learn more about Privilee

To learn more about how your company could profit from the Privilee Corporate Health & Benefit Programme, please get in touch with Sales & Partnership Manager Brian Jensen.

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